1. Google contractors;
  2. Read their reviews Angie’s List, Home advisor, Google, Yelp are great places to start since whether the review is good or bad the business owner cannot change it at all;
  3. Ask the contractor for a certificate of insurance (which should have your name and address (sometimes in the bottom – in Mass);
  4. Ask the contractor (if their field requires it) for their insurance number;
  5. Look up their license number (has their been any complaint – check the Better Business Bureau (hereinafter BBB);
  6. Obtain a proposal from three different contractors (It does not matter if your brother, uncle, president says otherwise, DO IT!);
  7. Read each proposal carefully (make sure it is clear on what you are asking for, who is going to provide the material, whether a permit is needed (for the scope of work or (in Mass) a dumpster), is the permit part of the proposal or an additional fee, any fine prints?
  8. Please be advised, when and if a contract has a clause that only benefits one side ask for clarification before signing;
  9. Are you done? No.
  10. Are you having the contractor paint? What are the colors you are using? Best to send the contractors the colors included in the email where the proposal is attached.
  11. Are you doing a kitchen or bathroom remodel? What type of fixtures, are you replacing sink, vanity, faucet, toiletries? You get the gist include it in the email;
  12. Make sure the proposal/estimate is clear as once you sign it there is no going back (this is from both the customer and contractors side);
  13. Are we done? not yet – let’s talk about mula $$$ – This is how I do it – My customer are to give me a deposit – after a 1/3 when I am halfway done with the project and then upon final walk thru is the final payment. CUSTOMERS ARE NOT ALLOWED TO PAY MACK’S PAINITNG AND CARPENTRY IN FULL!!!!!!;
  14. Don’t forget to ask about warranty, how to submit a request for repairs or in the what if moment; and
  15. Give your contractor a review, send him referral his way and feel free to tip him/her.

My office has taken on just alone this year contracts after contracts where the contractor has started the work and either was paid in full, went over their head and did not finish, to even just didn’t reply back to the customer after accepting their contract.

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